Storage Packing Tips

Storage Tips

Take a deep breath and relax. You know you have a lot of items that need to be moved and your first instinct will be to just start packing…but don’t. Before you begin, you will need to plan ahead.
Your first step should be to take an inventory of everything you need to store. It doesn’t need to be written down but you’ll need to think through all the items that you plan on putting into your self storage unit for easy access later.
Group all your frequently-used items together. You will want to pack these items last and keep them together in the front of your storage unit.
All right, it’s time to start packing. Remember, you’ll want to maximize the use of your space while at the same time protecting your delicate items. Don’t forget, a typical storage unit is eight feet (8′) high. Use that vertical space.
Protect your valuables by using bubble wrap, newsprint and other covers designed for your specific items. Mattress covers work well, as well as old blankets.
Utilize the empty spaces in dresser drawers and appliances. Don’t forget to clean the appliances out first. This is a great place to store things like linens, bedding, clothing or even books and CD’s. Remember to leave that drawer or appliance door open a little so that air can circulate.
Put all your garden tools together in empty trash cans.
Break down furniture with removable legs and stack chairs. Don’t forget to put a blanket or sheet between surfaces so they do not get scratched or damaged. If a table can’t be broken down, don’t forget to store items underneath or on top.
If you plan on storing any gas-powered equipment, don’t forget to drain the tanks. Remember, state laws prohibit the storage of any hazardous or flammable materials.
While you are stacking items in your self storage unit, make sure to put the heavier items underneath the lighter items.
It is also a good idea to write down where you are storing your items in your unit. A map works really well when your loved one asks you to go to your storage unit to get that item he/she needs!
Lastly, try to organize your unit so that you have an aisle down the middle from the roll-up door to the back. This will allow you to navigate your space much more efficiently. Don’t forget to keep your frequently-used items at the front of your storage unit.

Packing Tips

Planning is paramount when packing your things. Make sure you have all the right packing supplies: boxes, packing materials (bubble wrap, newsprint, peanuts, etc.), tape, markers and furniture covers. If you don’t know how much you’ll need, call your local storage experts.
Correct box size is important. Large boxes should be used for light items (e.g., bedding, linens, lamps) and small boxes used for your heavier items like books and documents.
Label every box. This may sound obvious but people often think they’ll remember what they store in each box…but they won’t!
Make sure you take the time to properly wrap and protect your delicate items. Individually wrap dishes, glasses and other fragile items. Bubble wrap is excellent for this. Don’t forget to mark on the box – ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘THIS SIDE UP.’
Keep in mind the weight of the box. Packaged boxes should not weigh more than you can lift. Heavier items should always be placed at the bottom.
Securely seal each box. Use packaging tape and keep the tops of the boxes flat for easier stacking.
Wardrobe boxes allow you to quickly package up your clothes that are on hangers. They also help keep your clothes from getting wrinkled.
Remember to take apart bed frames and other furniture that can be disassembled. Use small plastic bags to hold your hardware and tape the hardware to the furniture.

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Storage Building Kits

Modern storage building kits are quite easy to follow and the average person could have one built in just three or four days. You can find these kits at most outdoor or hardware stores, along with the ubiquitous big box stores as well.

Some storage building kits are easily upgradeable, they are also energy efficient and if you can build it yourself then you will be saving money, instead of having a contractor build it for you. If you are inexperienced, you could always ask a friend to help. Plan to do some research as well, study some internet sites to give you an idea what you are getting yourself involved with. You do not want an unfinished project sitting in your yard for several months or even years.

If you are not interested in building your own, you can buy pre-built storage sheds and have it delivered to your address. For the hands on kind of person, storage building kits are the way to go. These types of buildings can hold many of a home’s outdoor belongings. Depending on the size of the shed, you can store anything from boats, camping trailers, motorcycles, classic cars and any other large toys. Obviously, any garden tool, lawn mower, lawn tractor or anything else associated with a backyard can be stored in these types of buildings.

The basic steps for putting a storage building kit together consist of pouring the foundation, then installing the floor joints, which is followed by installing the wall panels. Once that is done then it is time to cut the openings for the windows and doors. Next, it is time to install the roof, followed by attaching the insulation and siding. This is just a basic plan of putting a storage building together.

Storage building kits when put together are designed to withstand all weather conditions. This type of storage option is great for the homeowner that does not have a garage or not enough space in their basement.

Storage building kits can be made of wood or metal in most cases. Metal units are east to put together and are more durable than most other types of materials. They are also quite economical. Homeowners want more storage space for less money. They also do not want to be encumbered by a shed that requires plenty of maintenance. Therefore, when researching your purchase, make sure you get a low maintenance unit.

Part of your research should consist of deciding how much space you have available for your storage building kits. Make sure you can actually build it in your yard. Many localities may require a building permit depending on the size of the shed. In addition, you do not want to cause any problems with your neighbors, so make sure you do not cross any property lines with the unit as well.

One area that people tend to overlook when searching for storage building kits is the size of the doorway. If you have large items that will be stored inside, remember to install a suitably sized door.

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Spanish Language Schools Guide: How to Get Most Spanish Out of Your Dollar

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad Spanish! Yes, one of the best way
to improve your Spanish is to immerse yourself in the environment and live the
language. But the other side of the coin is that the study abroad experience requires
a huge commitment on your part. For example, money. Depending on how you do
it, it could cost you a small fortune. In order to harvest the great return of improved
Spanish, you have to invest in yourself, right? But what if you can optimize the
investment by getting the most Spanish out of your dollar? This article is about that.
More specifically speaking, there are 3 ways to obtain maximum amount of Spanish
by studying abroad. There are: 1) Picking the right country to study Spanish in, 2)
Picking the right airline, 3) Not signing up with the language school agency.

Out of the 3, Picking the right country holds the utmost importance because it will
determine significant portion of your study abroad expense. Of course, the
countries determine the available touristic resources, difference in how the Spanish
is spoken, etc, but we’ll focus on monetary issue today. Let’s say that you are
looking for an one-on-one class in Spanish because you’ve already taken some high
school and college Spanish class with 30 other students and that didn’t give you
much opportunity to practice. As you know, Spanish is spoken in Spain and many
Latin American countries and thus, you now have a huge selection. And cost of the
study varies significantly from one country to another. For instance in Spain, the
individual class in Spanish for a week runs around $850-$900. If you want more
complete immersion living with a host family, there goes another $350-$400. If you
are going to study for 4 weeks, it’s a safe bit to budget around $6000! On the other
hand, there are less expensive options in Central America. In Guatemala, you can
find both the one-on-one Spanish class and homestay within $150-$250. You
definitely don’t want to ignore this enormous range of difference.

Another huge expense is the transportation fee. Since most of us will be going to
the destination country by air, we’ll look at how you can save on airfares. But, first
of all, let me just tell you that since I don’t work in travel industry, I don’t have the
insider’s secret. I don’t have the travel wisdom of a nomadic super backpacker
either. All I can give you is a few web sites where you can begin shopping around
for your airfare. They are: Economy
Travel , Airline Consolidators and Best Fares []. If you have been buying tickets
from places like Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity, you will see the
difference. I guarantee it.

Finally, another way to cut the cost of your Spanish learning experience is to go
direct to the Spanish school by skipping through the language school agencies.
When you search for Spanish schools on the web, most likely, those agencies are the
ones that you will encounter first. They come up on the top of the search engine list
and they offer lots of options too. After all, that’s their job. They are the “advertising
agency” for Spanish school. They charge tons of money from the individual Spanish
schools and from you too by marking up about 10%-20% on top of the tuition you
pay to the school. Yes, some of them do offer fairly nice information of the
countries and schools and we should use them to familiarize ourselves about the
potential destinations. But it’s not rare that those agencies have problems
communicating your needs to the school (My friend had to wonder around the street
of Guatemala with all his luggage because the agency didn’t notify the arrival time
to the school) and there is no point paying extra $50 for the “introductory packet”
from the agency when you sign up with them because that’s the copied one from
the Spanish school. So, once you find out the name of the school you are interested
from the agency, just go to Google or Yahoo and type in the name of the school to
go to the school’s home page and sign up directly.

In conclusion, I’d recommend that you use the language school agency to learn
about the going price of tuition in various Spanish speaking countries and when you
find a school of your interest, go to their web site to register directly with them.
Finally, use the discount airfare web sites indicated previously as a reference point
to shop around for your best airfare. With this little bit of research, you are well on
your way to get most Spanish out of your bucks!

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Organizing With Contemporary Fitted Wardrobes

Contemporary fitted wardrobes are a great way to utilize space in the home, especially when there may be awkward corners or closest space that may otherwise not be used. If there is a constant struggle to keep closets organized, or there is not enough room, a fitted wardrobe is a perfect solution.

When using such a custom built wardrobe, there are many possibilities. There can be a combination of hanging clothing, drawers, bookshelves, or even a desk working area. In addition, these fitted wardrobes are not one size fits all. They can easily be customized by color scheme, theme, building material (different varieties of wood, metal, plastic), and how the space is being utilized.

Before investing in one, decide exactly how the space is going to be used. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1) Is it for clothing storage, office storage, craft supplies, etc.?
2) Also, decide how tall and wide it will be. Will it take up the entire area or only part of it?

Such information will help determine the style of the space and its functionality. They will be useful when meeting with a fitted wardrobe designer or when designing one independently.

Another great advantage to contemporary fitted wardrobes is that the price is very flexible. The price can range from an expensive custom design with an individual to assist in the design process to going to the local hardware store and building one independently. Some designers are even flexible to work within the budget given. Many such wardrobes can be taken apart when moving, or if you prefer to leave them behind, they can add to the value of the home when it is sold.

Bespoke wardrobes are advantageous to any home. Once one is installed, the original space will look much larger than before because no space is spared. They utilize space more effectively, add value to the home, and can add organization to an unorganized area.

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Berlitz Language Schools – Franchise Review

Berlitz Language Schools is the world’s premier language services firm, providing expertise in language instruction and cross-cultural training throughout the world. This international language agency was founded by a language teacher named Maximilian Delphinius Berlitz in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, more than a century ago. It turned out that his substitute teacher, who could not speak English, did a better job of teaching French than Berlitz. This led to the development of the Berlitz Language Schools, which use an immersion teaching method in which students are taught without translation.

Berlitz Language Schools is a customer-focused company. Its first principle of operation is Total Customer Orientation. Each of its employees plays an important role in delivering excellent customer service and maintaining the highest quality standards of instruction.

Berlitz Language Schools have been teaching languages for 130 years and has millions of successful alumni. The Berlitz Method is a communicative approach of teaching, whose time-proven principles are constantly enhanced with new and updated programs and the latest learning technology.

The Berlitz Method is based on a series of statements and questions that involve three objects, statements, or situations. The real or realistic content of the questions keeps the students focused, and the use of three different objects keeps the students from parroting responses. The learning cycle begins with three statements that in the beginning may focus on three simple and real objects. The questioning then rotates from negative to positive responses and then back to the statements. In short order, the cycle of statements and question becomes quite complex. Consequently, in a Berlitz language lesson, the teacher models the target language half the time by asking questions. The students spend the other half of the class answering the questions in the target language.

Commercial language schools like Berlitz Language Schools, generally charge more than universities for comparable courses because they sell “custom-tailored” instruction. This necessitates keeping many instructors on call so that the school can design courses to fit almost any need. It routinely refuses to discuss prices until you go in person to design your program. Prices vary according to the program and how many lessons one will be taking. The recommended program for a beginner may cost well, over $1,000. Lessons are generally private and, depending on your needs may be of the total immersion type.

Today, Berlitz Language Schools has over 500 locations in 70 countries worldwide. Its experience in over 100 years of linguistic education is mostly geared toward businesses and individuals needing immediate language acquisition. It also offers language courses for children, teens and families.

Berlitz Language Schools has indeed made a strong brand identity. Despite the fact that it’s never a cheaper option, the cost-effective programs offered by the school has brought its continued demand in language education worldwide. That is why the school became open to franchising by 1996.

The investment to start a Berlitz Language School franchise varies depending on the region of the world you are interested in, the size of the center and the market conditions. The investment ranges from $150,000 to $ 400,000, which includes the franchise fee of $ 40,000 to $ 50,000

Franchising a Berlitz Language School is an exciting opportunity to partner with the world’s leading brand in language services: an organization based on professional operating systems, innovative products and services, and ongoing management support to help you implement its business practices. The combination of educational products and international business experience makes it a unique investment opportunity as well.

When looking to start any business it is important, particularly considering today’s market, that you look for specific ways to cut minimize or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is going to have risk, but it is important to have a full understanding of the amount of investment, startup cost and “ROI” (Return on Investment).

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How to Choose the Best Language School

Today, there are numerous kinds of programs available to learn language. Many of them are offered by reputable educational institutions. Even though it means there are more options for students who want to enroll the language program, finding the best school for the purpose becomes trickier than before. If you are interested to study language and need help in finding the best language school, this article will be very helpful for you.

When it comes to the language teaching method to choose, not only you can think of the regular school, but also you can consider the long distance or online one. However, before anything else, when you think about language school to look into, you have to check first about the school’s accreditation. Accreditation means a lot in telling whether a school is worth your time and money to join or not. If you have difficulties in finding information about accreditation status of a school you can always get help from local government offices dealing with education.

The next considerations in finding the best language school are related with study duration, expenses, certificate values, safety and the syllabus. Some language schools have a little bit more complicated bureaucracy. However, that is common because the schools want to secure the school fees and to make all of the students comfortable. It is a great bonus if a language school can offer combined language courses with other courses that may involve commerce, hospitality or cultural related activity in addition to the core lessons.

There are language schools offering single language programs while the rest offer multiple language programs with a wide range of variety languages to teach like English, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese. Usually, a language school with single language program is more focused in curriculum development and has more dates to begin the class. Therefore, usually such school is more recommended to study language than that with multiple language programs.

In short, the best language school to choose will depend on what you really need and how much resource you have in terms of time and money. It should not depend on the mainstream because the choice can be very personal. Every person has different need and starting point in terms of education. By knowing what you really want, the length of study that you expect and the affordability that you have to pay the fees, you will be able to find a school fitting most of your requirements.

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French Language School

Learning our native language comes in naturally. We first have our education with our family where we constantly hear the words and phrases and slowly learn it ourselves and begin to speak.

But to study other language than our own will be quite difficult. It is recommended that you learn the language abroad where you will be surrounded by native speakers of the language. So if you planning to study the French language then better join some French Schools in France where you will have much opportunity to learn the language fast and you have the opportunity to discover other culture while you are there.

There, you will be learning a much more comprehensive French language and you will be well taken care of and will be taught by French teachers in a reputable French language school. One of the most reputable schools that you can go to study is French School Lyon, French school France or French Schools Switzerland. But before you go and study abroad, better prepare yourself. It is just normal to know everything you can about the culture of the place of your destination.

Learning French in a French language school is an advantage since you will learn the language among the French people. You will learn the language fast since you will be communicating with this people everyday in their own language. Constant hearing and listening will bring you to fast comprehension of the words, just like when you are just a child and is learning your first words, There was never a formal education when you learn your first words and understand what your parents and family says to you.

It is by constant hearing and listening that you learn to speak the words and understand what you say as well as what they say to you. The most effective way of learning is the way a child learns. Thus learning the language in French language school is a great opportunity for you. Not only that but you get to experience what it is to live abroad. Be able to live with the locals, discover their culture is one great education that you will ever have.

Education doesn’t exist in the classrooms but outside of it too. Experiencing it, seeing it unfolds in your eye and discovering new things is definitely one thing that you will treasure for the rest of your life. You will be a better person. As they say education and experience comes hand in hand. Indeed studying abroad is one opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

Search and decide which French language school you want to go to if you want to learn French language. Make the experience fun for you. Besides you will have fun time exploring the country too when you are there and living with the locals well certainly help you too accomplish your goals. In no time your studying of the language will bear much fruit and opportunity for you there and even in your place when you get back.

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How Useful Are Portable Wardrobes?

A Portable Wardrobe is absolutely ideal if there is a sudden shortage of closet space in your house. It is a marvelous piece of free standing furniture to have in case you have guests or are renovating your bedroom and need to store clothes for work the next day. Such a piece of furniture will save you the botheration of looking for your clothes on a Monday morning and you will not need to iron the creases from your clothes either. This item is very inexpensive to purchase, can cost from 25 USD to 200 USD. It all depends on how many clothes you have and how thick and heavy they are.

Portable wardrobes are like any usual wardrobe furniture. They can have a structure of 6 feet tall, so that you hang your suits or dresses ready to wear the next day. Some are made from wood, others from plastic. The frame is usually collapsible and is usually covered in strong canvas. The front of the wardrobe could be closed with a zip or velcro. The benefits of using one of these is that you can erect it easily to make more space. They are moveable from location to location as they have wheels. They keep your clothes clean from dust and insects also. Once you have finished using them, they can be dismantled and put away for use again.

Portable wardrobes are wonderful for use in the attic, to hang rarely worn garments, designer clothes that need special care so on and so forth. They can be wonderful standbys for when guests arrive and you need to move your clothes out of the spare room. You could move those into the portable wardrobe so the guests can hang their clothes in the spare room. Today, the design of the portable wardrobe has been changed considerably to make sure that the more expensive ones have shelves and shoe compartments. If you are in the process of completely refurbishing your home then you want to make sure that you have all your shoes in the one place. There is nothing more irritating than having lost one shoe and not knowing where the other is.

You can have single portable wardrobes or double. It all really depends on your requirement and how much storage area you have in your house. There are super versions, deluxe versions and even super deluxe versions to hold all your belongings if need be. Make sure you shop online and search for portable wardrobes before visiting your hardware store, because you will get it delivered by a courier company. It’s so much less hassle!

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DIY Fitted Wardrobes – Functional and Stylish Space Savers

DIY Fitted wardrobes offer people an elegant answer to their storage quandaries. If you are living in an aged home or you are in a tight budget then perhaps you don’t have the extravagant built-in closet. DIY Fitted wardrobes are very costly for the reason that they are custom and built-in unlike some freestanding closet where you just purchase them at the mall and deliver immediately at home. In order to benefit from one of these means to spend more money but will really allow you to make the most of your space in the room. For any houses that may have angled ceilings, these types of wardrobes are a must to save a lot of storage space.

One important reminder is to choose first-class quality DIY fitted wardrobes because this is the main point of your whole room. You want the size of it to be big. It should be a lot bigger than your filing cabinet for example. Choose one that has nice wood grain on it preferably matching the grain of your bed frame. This complementing appearance is why it’s vital to go to a more advanced design that mimics old-style cabinetry. This old-style look is nice because it can use a lot of moulding. The color white is a typical crowd pleaser. You can always pick the best choice standard moulding at any hardware shop and turn that into something special.

If you’re not a fan of the old-style look then consider a modern type that features sliding doors. Primarily when made to order, this type can be very luxurious and there will be additional costs to consider. Occasionally you can also get some items at malls that quite reasonably but not customizable. Another style of the modern DIY fitted wardrobe could have glass doors that are covered either with metal or wood edges. Black frosted glass can also obtainable depending on your budget. In this circumstance, the room will look more fashionable, decent and shiny and is a main and turning point of every home-owner.

Be certain that your DIY fitted wardrobe must work and fit within the design of your home. If your home is a contemporary type, then a luxurious dark glass fits in this situation. If your home is like a country home, then perhaps choosing wooden wardrobes would be more suitable to fit the space. You could even change to straps of elephant hide to cover around the handles for a really countryside kind of appearance or you can also decorate with faux finishes to look more fashionable. Regardless of your home style choosing some metalwork adds a nice touch especially when it comes to hinges.

It’s important to invest proper time and effort over your different choices. One innovative way to do is to integrate open shelving. DIY fitted wardrobes with open shelving will let you display some of your fashionable shoes. You can even add lights. You can hang your sculpture. Whatever creations you can think of, just make sure that you leave more storage space to make it a fine-looking component in your room instead of just being purposeful. This wonderful piece of furniture contributes a big part to character and appearance of the room where it will reside.

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Checklist for Finding Language Schools Around the World

People want to gain proficiency in multiple languages just for the fun of it or for easy communication with people of diverse origins. You can learn a language in your own country at different language schools or learn it abroad. Travelling is a popular hobby and it is hard to find someone who doesn’t love to explore countries and places. If you are a travel fanatic and want to learn a foreign language, learning a language in the country where it is spoken natively can be the Holy Grail for you. Visiting a foreign country to learn your favorite language not only earns you a degree but also gives you a chance to travel around the country and mingle with different people. Language Schools can be found in every corner of the world and they offer wide range of courses suitable for all types of people. But before picking a language school, you may have to rack your brains for various things regarding the country of your visit, the type of people there etc. Here are some tips that will help you find the best language school for you.

The main concern is the language you are going to study. First decide which language you’ll be studying before deciding the country you’ll be travelling to. You can then shortlist the countries where the language is spoken natively and then start gathering information on the respective language schools there. For example, if French is a language that bemuses you, you can learn it at language schools in Switzerland, Canada, Luxembourg or France where French is a native language. Learning a language in a country where it is spoken as a mother tongue gives you better opportunities for practicing your language skills with the native speakers and also helps you to mingle easily with them.

Be sure to check out the travel expenses, living costs at the place, fee structure for the language course etc. before venturing on a trip. These factors play a key role and if you aren’t prudent, you might end up in an unpleasant economic burden. If the living expenses and other financial factors in the country of your choice aren’t par with your budget, you should start looking for language schools in other countries. For example, if you want to learn Spanish, you can opt for Puerto Rico rather than Spain for the former is sure to be economical than the latter in almost all aspects.

There are various resources on the internet where you can learn about schools and the courses they offer. Many language schools have their own websites where they provide details on their fee structures, class hours, course duration etc. Some language schools may only offer preliminary courses. So, if you are looking for something more, properly check out if the educational institute you’re planning to enroll in offers advanced courses in the language you’re planning to study. You can also get engaged in discussion forums on language schools. You may come across a thread that may turn over your choice of a school and compel you to pick some other. You can also use such forums to ask questions regarding language courses or schools and wait for an answer from people who have the knowledge.

The first priority is always the language school of course; but also make sure that the place you’ll be visiting will comply to your tastes. Learn about the climate of the place, the type people, places to hang out etc. You wouldn’t like to go to a place where there is nothing much to do during off-study hours. Also learn about cheap restaurants, shopping centers etc. in and around the place where you’ll be staying.

Before leaving on your journey, make sure you carry all your essentials. Its is better to make a checklist of items beforehand and then check one by one if everything is in your backpack. You would be embarrassed to no ends if you forgot to carry your laptop or your mobile, the armors of all internet surfers. Also make sure that you have your tickets and your passport in place. Some institutions offer you a checklist of things to bring along consulting which can also be handy. Read travel guides and discussion threads that can give an idea on the things to carry along. Take a couple of photographs of your family and friends to cherish old memories when you are away from them.

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